Back to Reality

One might assume that returning from a beautiful vacation is hard.  The term “back to reality” is often used to describe the emptiness one feels at the end of a vacation.  Returning to my reality was sweet.
Don’t misunderstand me.  It was sad leaving Italy.  Who wouldn’t miss the beauty of grabbing an espresso or cappuccino with a fresh croissant just steps from their door every morning?  Or the beauty and history of the land?  I loved everything Italy had to offer but I love my husband more.
So, when I saw him waiting for us at the airport after clearing immigration I ran and threw my arms around him.  My daughter could not outrun me when she saw me make a mad dash towards him.  If home is where your heart is, then surely this man has my heart in a million ways.
Far from perfect, home is exactly where God placed us.  Enjoying the world outside of my home is a luxury I will always cherish.  Vacations were never an escape from the life I love and the life I was called to live.  That perspective makes coming back to reality the sweetest of pleasures. ​

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