Nothing More Beautiful

Could anything be more beautiful than a sunrise over the Colosseum in Rome? It was early and the view was spectacular. The weather was picture perfect. We spent hours enjoying the Colosseum and the Forum around the grounds.

The rest of the day was filled with local delicious eats, more gelato I care to admit to and a carefree day that found us exploring all of Rome. From sunrise to sunset we walked to our hearts content.

Mamertine Prison, also referred to as Tallianum was our first stop. In it we got to see where Paul and Peter were imprisoned according to historians. Sobering moment to imagine giants of the faith in this dark, cold place.

Pantheon was impressive. An open dome that allows the rain to enter the church that was once a Greek and Roman Temple.

The Spanish Steps was a romantic place right outside the Galleria de Bognesa. The one place that will remain on my bucket list until I return with my husband.

Too many stops along the way to write about but imagine an entire city with cobblestone streets and every alley leading to a courtyard that held their own unique treasures. The restaurants, coffee shops, bakery’s and shops were endless but so was the architecture that surrounds and fills every part of the city.

Magical…. Only in Rome could one entertain or dare dream that Pegasus, gargoyles, baby cherubs are real.

Back to my question could anything be more beautiful than a sunrise over the Colosseum in Roma? The sunset over the city.

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