Rome at Night

After our train ride to Rome we checked into our flat (AKA as an apartment) after a taxi ride with a driver than fancied himself as a race car driver. The streets of Rome are as busy as New York and we weren’t prepared for it.  We held onto our seats for dear life.

Our flat was on the 3rd floor and had no elevator. I thought running was bad… Mamma Mia. I may have inadvertently started an exercise plan in Italy but it was so worth it. The flat has an old world charm. I’m intrigued with the history of the apartment. I feel as if I just walked back in time. It is exactly what I had envisioned and it is around the corner from the Vatican. As if on cue, the bells at the Vatican rang upon our arrival.

I have a fascination with church bells. We always knew it was time to get ready for church growing up in New York because of church bells.

After dinner, we took a late walk to the Vatican. It was so quiet you could hear birds flying overhead. I am not a fan of birds but even I have to admit they added to the majestic scene of the night. We were standing in the middle of history.

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