A city surrounded by water built as a mean of protection from “barbarians” according to our guide on the water today. We explored the waters and a few more churches. As I mentioned before churches are everywhere. Set on hills to be the center of a community.  Although I’m not catholic I find I am drawn to them. Their beauty speaks to me.  Built by hands many years, these buildings ago hold a history for the people of Italy and their devotion to God.

We even did a tour of an underground cript at a local church.  Surprisingly it scared my daughter. It did have somewhat of a catacombs feel to it. That’s exactly what what I imagine catacombs look like in Europe.

We stopped for cappuccinos and the most decadent croissants I’ve ever tasted. Yet for as delicious and satisfyingly good they were it paled in comparison to the joy I felt that my son had gifted us a little taste of Venice. Nothing is as decadent than love.

Today was a dream. I walked thru Venice with my kids and created memories that hopefully will live forever in their hearts. Those types of memories stand even grander than the greatest of cathedrals in all of Italy.

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