From Scars to Italy – Vicenza

Our first day in Italy was pretty amazing. There was never a moment I wasn’t in awe of the architecture, cobblestone streets and the people. The beauty of the country epitomized love and romance. It’s not lost on me that I spent Valentine’s Day with my children in the most lovely places in the world.

As we walked around downtown we slip into one of the many churches that pepper the landscape of the country to find a catholic mass in full swing. While my daughter wanted to slip back out as if somehow we were intruding I felt called to the pew. I’m so grateful we stayed because seemingly out of no where I understood the priest. Spanish is very similar to Italian and growing up my mother always recited the Lord’s Prayer. So when I heard it in Italian it ministered to my heart.

I’m not sure if we stood out in the crowd but for a brief moment I felt at home among Gods people. The things that bring us together in the faith are moments such as this…

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