After Venice…

After Venice we traveled to Rome on the Frecciarossa train. Not that riding a train is a big deal but running for it twice is a pretty big deal for me.

I can’t get over how normal it must be to live here for the locals while I’m in a constant “somebody please pinch me” state of mind. I think it’s all pretty amazing living in Italy. I guess that’s how others viewed my life in New York.

Almost four hours to get to Rome and while my kids find it easy to sleep I’m soaking up life. My son, would make any mother proud. He is my pride and joy. Does he even know how much taller I stand in life because of him? He elevates my coolness. And as I watch my beautiful daughter sleep I can’t help but marvel at her. She’s extremely excited to see Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel but even more amazing is how I see the fingerprint of God in her. Even with her head back, mouth open in a deep sleep she’s just gorgeous. My kids, my masterpieces molded by God.

But enough of my kids… not present is my beloved husband. I’ve been missing him more than I can explain. My unsung hero makes the world go round for us and at times sacrifices way to much for me. That makes him my person. Forever.

It’s incredible how four hours on a train allows you to appreciate the little things. Not that family is a little thing. They are in fact my everything.

Now about that running… I’ve never felt more out of shape and unhealthy in all my life.  Big changes will be made upon our return home.


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