From Scars to Italy – Travel Day

Traveling is hard. We had not boarded our first flight and I was already tired. If only we could skip over the hustle bustle of the airport and dreaded long flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting Italy sounds fabulous but traveling is not.


We were pretty miserable at the start of the trip when my daughter realized she forgot to bring scrunchies. I wish I could explain the laughter that followed us both as I marveled at her beautiful long hair. She’s spent an hour straightening it for the trip. Deep roaring belly laughs served as a much needed release valve of anxious travel jitters. Then the question came – “Mom do you have one?”. Even more laughter as I reached up to touched the inch and a half of hair that has grown since losing my long hair to chemo treatments.


I would never leave the house without one. She was out of luck with me. So off we went on the hunt for scrunchies at the airport and after a little search the holy grail was found. Disaster was avoided.


After landing in Paris we found a bench where I was able to fall asleep for a couple hours before learning a few lessons at the airport. One, French people’s idea of personal space is a lot smaller than in the USA. Second, macaroons are better in Paris. Third, everything taste good with a cappuccino.


So after boarding out next flight to our final destination we settled in once again for the adventure that surely awaits and was overwhelmed because I’m super excited to see my son.


Traveling may not be glamorous but arriving is always worth it.


In the same way, your journey in life may be hard and unpleasant at times. However, if it takes you to the Son of God arriving at your eternal destination will all be worth it. Is your destination leading you to Jesus?

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