From Scars to Italy

It has been a little over a month since I finished my treatments.  My next steps will be a carefully planned regime of doctors’ appointments every six months to monitor me for the next 10 years.  Recently, at my first follow up, my doctor was happy with how quickly I was healing but he also encouraged me to be a little more aggressive with my stretching in order to get back full movement of my arms.  


 Interesting…  Made me ask myself how aggressively I was willing to be to be stretched personally to become the woman God has called me to be.  That’s a tough one.  Physically I can tell you it hurts to stretch at the moment because stretching breaks up scar tissue that is currently really tight on my chest.  It’s almost as if cancer came to break up, shake up, turn me upside down and inside out.  For what purpose?  I can only hope to give me full movement of my spiritual muscles.  


 Cancer had a way of forcing me to consider not only the notion of my own death, awakening a desire to truly live the life I had been gifted but also giving me the opportunity to value what I had taken for granted, my life and time.  


 How do I intend to live my life and how will I spend my time?  Learning, growing, admitting to my own shortcomings and submitting myself to the knowledge that I need God more today than ever.  One of the best parts about this journey are the scars.  Scars to remind me to value my family, to treasure my friends, to remind me that I was given a second chance to see life through a Godly scope.  


 So, I seized the day and booked a trip to Italy to see my son.  I leave tomorrow and plan on writing about my amazing journey – from scars to Italy…   Imagine that.  I get to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.  When I find myself looking up to view Michelangelo’s Hand of God painting don’t be surprised if you see me close my eyes for a moment while I say, “I love you too Lord” as I imagine how He has touched my heart.

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