Returning From An Injury

It’s been almost two weeks since I rang my final bell at the Tate Center signifying the end of my treatments and I am feeling pretty good about it. Fatigue has been a source of nuisance for weeks but I am healing as I steadily return to a normal life without cancer or treatments.

One of the ways we are returning to normal was taking my daughter to dance class. After class she made a comment that resonated with me. She said it felt “as if she was returning from an injury”.

Returning from an injury can be hard for a dancer and every step on the dance floor can be marked with apprehension. Especially for a dancer who has broken her foot twice while dancing. It’s slow building up muscle strength and trusting your footing is strong but it’s a moment of complete joy finding that connection with the music again.

I have never experienced the joy of returning to the dance floor after an injury but I understand the type of injury that hurts your ability to move forward. An injury to the heart hurts your ability to trust again.

Moving forward is hard, apprehensive at best, holding onto the notion that the other shoe may still drop. But it also holds moment of joy. My daughter’s first step on the dance floor was hard as insecurities made her wonder if she could in fact make a comeback. Taking that step into the studio was a comeback moment for her.

Now to stage mine by taking God by the hand. He’s the author of the greatest comeback story known to man. Jesus conquering death. The power of God to bring us back from fear, the bondage of sin and death… into hope.

As sure as the beat and rhythm of the song propels my daughter on the dance floor the beat of my faith propels me forward in a perfect dance with Jesus. Returning from an injury is safe as long as He leads.

I may not understand the joy of returning to the dance floor after an injury but I am enjoying being cancer free. Now that’s something I can dance to.

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