Far better things ahead…

I’ve grown to love how warm water feels on my head during a shower. A gentle massage after a long day. I have never been one to wash my hair daily but now I look forward to shampooing my head every day. I have come to appreciate the freedom of no maintenance hair. Don’t get me wrong. After 46 years of long hair I do miss it. Being stripped away of something so dear to a woman has been life altering yet liberating.

So as I got ready for my last chemo treatment today I can honestly say I am not ready to return to my old life. Void of the lessons I’ve learned, the past can stay there in time. I love who I’ve become today. A woman free of hair and pretenses about true beauty.

True beauty is forged out of despair, hopelessness, fear and loss so that the strength of your life is revealed in the reflection of purified silver. I may have lost my hair and gained weight but the strength I’ve found in Jesus is much more beautiful.

You know you’re in a good place when you stop looking back.

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~C.S. Lewis

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