Battle Cry

My countdown to Friday begins today.  In 4 days I will have my last chemo and moving on to radiation.  For as happy as I am to reach this milestone I am sad because my cousin begins her journey to fight breast cancer.  One in 8 women will face breast cancer in their lifetime and it has affected my family six times. 

If you are facing breast cancer I encourage you to fight.  Find your battle cry from within your soul. Fight discouragement. Do not drown in despair. Be informed medically but most importantly be informed spiritually. Read your Bible. Pray.

We can pray for miracles. This world need miracles. However take a moment to consider this.  God will use this to change you and to do great things in your life if you let Him. 

The person at the end of this journey may be His miracle.  Allow Him to use it to change you from the inside out.

Find your battle cry. You are a warrior.

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