When Life is Sweet

Just finished my 3rd round of chemo and now my coffee tastes awful. Water has a hint of metal. Food needs extra salt. Nothing tastes the same. Chemo is killing my tastebuds. Except for one thing… chocolate.

In fact I am loving all things sweet. Isn’t it great when you have something to look forward to? I’m not simply referring to chocolate but to a wide array of all things decadent. It’s all about perspective.

Like the friend who loves you even when you’re prickly and laughs with you when you have diarrhea of the mouth. Friends that take the load off with meals or brighten your day with unexpected gifts. They visit and stay even when it’s not fun because that’s real life. Real friends who treat you like family.

Coworkers that bring so much joy to the office it feels like skittles are falling from the sky. They bring sunshine to your day. Working is easy when you love the people you work with and even better when they love you back. You can seriously taste the rainbow in the office.

My husband who brings me coffee in bed and finds excuses to buy me ice cream. He holds my hand when I am struggling and my heart when it’s heavy. He makes me laugh till I cry or fart and still finds me adorable. For him, living is loving on me and loving is a daily event regardless of the circumstances.

A daughter in law that tells me I am the best mother in law and I believe her because she’s genuine. A simple I love you message from my son when he is far away and my daughter who still snuggles with me. Climbing into our bed is still cool even if their friends don’t know it. There’s no shame in their love even if it’s conservative in its presentation. Love is grand even thru the soft hugs of the grandkids scurrying off to their friends house for a pool party. It’s quick but heartfelt to the core.

Parents who want to hear from me every day because they are still madly in love with me. For them time stand stills because I am still their baby. Nieces that send me emojis with hearts just because they love you. Ride or die sisters who still keep all of your tales because secrets among sisters are like sacred oaths. Sisters you grow old with because growing up is what you do together. There are still tales yet unwritten with sisters.

Then there are the extended family members. My uncles, aunts and cousins that sincerely love me. They are a part of a legacy of hope and dreams past down from grandparents who’s prayers over our life are still being answered. Connected by heart strings that can never be broken.

These are the people that make my life special. Gifts from God. Yes chemo has taken a toll on my ability to enjoy my meals but life is still sweet.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

James 1:17

5 thoughts on “When Life is Sweet

  1. Don’t forget about long distance friend that always love you and envy’s your strength! I will always be there for you as well ❤❤


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