Why I Blog

When I first learned about my cancer one of my doctors, a nurse and a few friends told me I should journal. I have always been fascinated with words but I did not want to journal. Instead I used my love of words to start a blog that would point people to my source of hope, Jesus. If I couldn’t point anyone to Jesus what was the point?

So after wishing my dad and husband a wonderful Father’s Day today I took to my blog to say thank you, to lift up a praise, to sing a verbal hallelujah to my Heavenly Father because he is a good good father.

He is NOT absent, inattentive, abusive, unloving and/or all of the above. He is all things good, fair, genuine, noble, kind, never gives up on us, attentive to details, relentless in his love type of Father.

There was a time I thought how great Mother’s Day was simply because we didn’t share it with anyone. Today I think dads have it better. To share their day with the Father all of dads is far greater. It’s a privilege to follow in His steps and model their heart after His.

P.S. If by any chance there’s a dad out there reading this blog who feels they have fallen short please don’t throw in the towel. One of the reasons why God is a good father is because he is a God of second chances… It’s never to late to start a new.

Happy Fathers Day!

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