Mightier than the Waves of the Sea

As if the earrings weren’t enough God needed to drive the point home. I see you girl… I see you.

This time it was a pedicure. After my last doctors appointment before returning to work I wanted to do something special. Why not a pedi? So instead of my local nail salon I reached out to a sweet lady from my church. We have never met but I felt a tug on my heart to call her.

To my surprise at her home was a lady I met weeks ago. I had invited her to sit with me for the next ladies event. Little did I know cancer would keep me away. We missed our chance to sit together but God gave us another opportunity to lock eyes, hug, talk, hold each others hands and pray. I walked away with not one but two new friends.

Was it another coincidence or Gods hand at work? Our random meeting with strangers who bless our lives… Our sufferings are not meaningless. There are no coincidences when God provides because with God all things are possible.

Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge. His power is limitless and His attention to details are so on point its divine.

There are days like this weekend when not only do I see but I feel Gods love is mightier than the waves of the sea.

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