I wanted to do something fun today to mark my last weekend before returning to work and since we were at a loss of options my husband said “it’s not like we can go to Six Flags and ride Superman sweetie”.

It was not a laugh out loud moment but I did chuckle. I love that ride. A few years ago for our anniversary I surprised him with a date at Six Flags just to ride Superman at nighttime. We had a great time.

So what did we decide? Going to the movies was a no go. No one wanted to sit at a theater. Knowing my need to do something my husband suggested going to Costco and I said ok why not. We are just a family doing life and sometimes it means picking up paper goods at a big shop store with warehouse prices like Costco.

happily said yes as long as we go to Lighthouse Church’s Saturday night service.

My happy place. It’s way better than any adrenaline ride like Superman any day. What makes me happy? Give me Jesus.

Look for Christ and you will find Him. And with Him everything else. ~ C.S. Lewis



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