A Pair of Earrings

Ever wonder if the details of your life are important to God?

I went shopping recently with my daughter to buy accessories. Headbands, necklaces, earrings, etc… Anything to distract away from my chest and draw attention to my face. I had lost a favorite pair of earrings and returned to the same store in the hopes to find it. Nothing…

After attending church tonight I made my way towards our pastors mom. She’s very loved and so I sat down to wait my turn to speak to her when I was approached by a beautiful, sweet and kind woman. There was something very special about how she courageously came up to me. We talked about life when I noticed her earrings. Yes you guessed it. The exact pair I was shopping for.

I shared how I used to own that pair, how much I loved them and my unsuccessful trip to the store. I told her I thought accessories would draw people to my face. Turned out she was already aware of my story and took them off to place them in my hands before she lovingly prayed for me.

Do you know what that meant to me? God cares about the details of my heart. The earrings didn’t matter. The fact she came to minister to me mattered greatly. Introducing me to a new friend who was also a cancer survivor was even a bigger bonus.

This weekends message was a game changer. Meeting her brought me to tears.

In the matthew 10:30-31 Jesus said “even the very hairs of our heads are numbered”.

Not one detail is lost on Him.

“Friendship is… the sort of love one can imagine among angels.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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