A Gift

In front of me I have a box of thank you cards I wanted to start mailing in the next few days. Such a small and insignificant gesture to express my gratitude considering the enormity of what I have received. It’s the least I could do… to say a heart felt thank you.

I got half way and could not finish knowing my son was boarding a plane leaving for his first deployment with the US Army.

Knowing he has a beautiful and super smart, kind wife makes it easier on me. Why? In the same way my husband anchors my heart to his love I know they are anchored to each other.

I’m no longer his go to girl like it was when he was a little boy and I was his “mommy”. Relationships change and that’s the natural order of life. His heart now belongs to her and I thank God every day for her. She is beyond amazing. I trust his heart in her perfectly sweet hands.

Warning if you receive a card from me they may be a few stained with tears. Maybe a drop or two. No worries. They were tears of joy because I love a soldier.

Children are a gift from the Lord. ~ psalm 127:3

I will thank God everyday for mine.

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