Make it a Double

I received a beautiful box today from the Amy Strong Foundation on behalf of a good friend with a message that read “You are a burst of sunshine! Let our Heavenly Father be your beacon through this storm”.

The box was full of items that would bring me joy. It was absolutely perfect. Inside was an adult coloring book and one page with a picture of an IV line with the caption “one of these has vodka in it right?”… what followed was a belly laugh so loud and distinctively different my daughter started laughing. When Sarah asked “mom what’s up with that laugh?” the only thing that came to mind was “I have no boobs” leading to further laughter.

Now that I mention it sneezing, coughing and crying all have a different sensation. Not to mention the cold. Oh the cold…

The cold makes me wish I had the feeling of phantom breasts in the hope it could provide me with the cushion or padding needed to shelter me from the cold. To have the sensation that an amputated or missing limb was still attached so I could once again feel normal or in this case warm. Unfortunately I don’t have phantom breasts to keep me warm or make my belly laugh sound normal.

What I do have is a friend who sent me a box that made me laugh. Who knows… I may have that vodka tonight or I may make it a double to keep the laughter going.

God has given us wine that makes glad the heart of man.

~ psalms 104:14-15

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