A couple of days ago my husband happened to mention in conversation that surgery was nine days ago.  I wish I could describe the surprised look on my face when I said “say whaaaat” in my ghetto fabulous voice as if I was still kicking it in the Bronx.  Has it really been nine days?

Since finding out about my breast cancer diagnosis time has taken on a different meaning.

At the beginning of my blog I had said this journey has given me a second chance to view life thru the perspective of time.   What did that mean to me?  Every moment counts.  So how did I manage to let nine days slip by me seemingly unaware of its passing?  Too much focus on pain and not sleeping well..

Moses, in the only Psalm attributed to him in chapter 90 prayed for God to “teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom”.   That’s interesting.  How does counting our days bring us wisdom?  More specifically, how does one even begin to number their days?  To know and understand the brevity of life.  To be wise beyond our years is to know we should not waste our time. Life is fleeting.

Have you considered the brevity of your life?  Let’s all be more intentional with making what matters matter more.  Value your time.  It’s a resource we should all cherish.


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