The Son Rise

The sun was hidden this morning while rising over the water. It was extremely cloudy but I waited. The clock read 5:56 am but I knew its power could not be hidden. Soon it will be on full display. I looked towards the sky for clues, and the promise of a new day was evident for all to experience… the masterpiece of a sunrise.

In my life I don’t need to look far to see evidence of God. I see Him at work around me. Answered prayers become sunrises giving me the assurance that He is listening. His comfort, as warm as the sun. His peace, the array of color that draws others to rise early to see its beauty. I close my eyes and His voice is as audible as the sound of the waves.

No matter what I am facing there is the hope of a new day. The power of the Son will always break thru the storms of life. The clouds can not hide Him. God promises in Psalm 30 that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

And then I saw … the Son shining brighter than the sun.

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