My God Margin

A second biopsy… This time it was done going in and out of an MRI tube. Six samples collected, all the while remaining perfectly still for 45 minutes. I found myself in what Priscilla Shirer calls “the God margin”, the space between when our limited resources can only go so far and when we need to rely on God to take us the rest of the way. It’s when I am at my weakest and He shows up. It’s a faith that said “I can do all things thru Christ that strengthens me”.

So I shed a few tears and regretted wearing mascara all the while trying to be witty in order to make the team laugh as much as I needed to laugh. Since Ray wasn’t allowed to enter with me I needed to start with my own funny comments. For me, laughing and smiling is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down, but in this case it was tying to get through another biopsy.

So I told the nurse that “my husband thinks I dressed up for the doctor” making her and the doctor laugh. The nurse seeing I needed this banter replied “women always dress up for the doctors”. Then I explained I dressed up for work and I smiled when she said “sure you did”.

I’m sure they also heard me talking to God while in the MRI because if there was a rule for no talking they failed to share it with me. I told God, “I’m here, I’m afraid and I asked him to make me brave”. I’m sure they heard me talking to God and if there was a rule about no talking they didn’t stop me. I would love to believe that my source of strength inspired them because we all need it.

In the end I asked if I could keep the socks because I love good socks and I didn’t return the pink hair tie the nurse so carefully used to pull back my hair. They loved on me and my heart was full.

Now to wait for the results.

2 thoughts on “My God Margin

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I had a longtime friend who choose not to include family or friends. As your friend I can not go through it for you but, I can be there praying every step of your journey and listen or cry with you. I surely want to be your redwood!! Love you to eternity.

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