Save the Tatas

Making a big decision is hard. Recently while doing a bible study on Gideon with Priscilla Shirer I read the following statement.  –  “Emotions don’t have intellect. They don’t think clearly or wisely. They can’t make the best decisions and steer you in the most appropriate direction. They only want to be soothed, coddled, appeased and pacified. So it’s rarely in our best interest to follow our feelings, using no other barometer to gauge our decision making process”.

So what decision am I facing? Saving my tatas of course…  Don’t worry I will spare you the details about my upcoming surgery but they are on my mind.  I wonder if it would be any less awkward wearing a “Save the Tatas” t-shirt as it is writing about them since that’s exactly what I am trying to do.

So what barometers can I use to gauge my decision making process on that?  As a Christian I can tell you I turn to my bible for wisdom on practically everything in my life. In Psalms 19 it states the law of the Lord is perfect and a treasure.  With it I gain an understanding of God and His infinite wisdom and knowledge that surpasses human reasoning.

That being said, what does the bible say about saving the tatas?  Absolutely nothing.  However what it states about true beauty absolutely blows my mind away.

In 1 Sam 16 it states “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at but the Lord looks at the heart”.  While there is nothing wrong with caring about how I am going to look after surgery it is more important to be drop-dead gorgeous on the inside.  In Proverbs 31 it speaks about beauty being fleeting, here today gone tomorrow.  Beauty fades with time.  The beauty I desire is the beauty of God’s love shining thru me.  Am I beautiful enough on the inside that people see Jesus?  There is so much to what makes us beautiful on the inside that I would have to dedicate an entire blog to that topic alone but for the sake of time I will tell you what the bible is very clear about what beauty is not.  It is NOT about outward adornment.   So with that I take it home.  (Drop mic)

Regardless of my decision I will remind myself daily that my body will waste away with time and that’s perfectly ok with me.  After all, my peace and hope is that “my inner self will be renewed day by day” because “He has made everything beautiful in its time”.

No matter what my husband will be happy and that has to count for something too.

15 thoughts on “Save the Tatas

  1. Amazing❤️❤️❤️ Love you more and more. Thank you for deciding to direct us to Jesus in your situation. What a breath of fresh air to see you following Jesus and totally depending on him and using this for Gods good.

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  2. Your entries are filled with the Grace you have titled this blog. It it truly comes across and you’re blessing the hearts of those of those of us reading and accompanying you in this journey; Thank you for that gift! For what it’s worth, sharing the details of the milestones you will go through, including saving your tatas, are welcome. If writing about the details for any stage of this journey feels like the right thing, I assure you that they too are welcome. ❤️

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  3. My sister and my friend. You rock! I thank God for you. You’re an amazing, caring, brave, courageous, full of live person I know. And yes God is using you to shine His love to others. You’re a light in someone else’s darkness. Your hope, encouragement, and faith is a reminder that God is always good and never fails us. I love you my dear sister! Keep doing what you do best, shining bright for Jesus!! 😊😘❤️🙌🏻

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